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What position should I choose to sit on the toilet?

Math is everywhere, and it can even be used in the restroom! It ends up the angle your rectum creates if you sit in the toilet can have an impact on your wellbeing! To put it differently, there’s an ideal way and a wrong way to take a seat on the toilet!

At CamperReno, we have done a calculation that establishes the ideal place to sit in the bathroom! And as a bonus, we discovered that a correlation factor between going to the bathroom and enjoyment.

1. Squat on the toilet

Granted, for Westerners that this might not be ideal, as the toilet was created for folks to sit down and lean forward slightly. But based on this research, squatting is your very best position to adopt when using the restroom.

2. Sit down and lean forward

Depending on the angle you are using, leaning forwards may not be the best idea. Finally, whether you’re sitting or not, there is one really important thing: it is the correct place for your bowels. If you prefer to bend, sit so that your elbows touch your knees. Within this position, you are able to better replicate the squat angle.

3. Sit and lean back

When we follow the advice in this research, which suggests that squatting is the most correct means to go to the bathroom, then sitting down and melts is undoubtedly a bad idea. Indeed, in this position, the angle created between the puborectal muscle and the anus requires more effort.

4. Sit facing the toilet

It’s not the most comfortable way to sit on the toilet. This will prevent you from leaning forwards in order to correctly embrace the squatting position, as recommended by Giulia Enders. Furthermore, such a situation may force you to stay in the toilet longer and could even make you drowsy.

5. Crouch in front of the toilet

While squatting to a western-style bathroom is already tricky, squatting facing the toilet can be an even more complicated exercise. Ultimately, the impact in your body is the same since the angle generated is less acute. But this raises the issue of goal…

Bonus: how your bowel movements relate to your emotional well-being

The right position for sitting on the toilet is important since it permits stool clearance. In the current research, research workers discovered that bacteria in the gut may affect your nervous system, and therefore your mood. The connection between mental health and germs isn’t yet clear, but what appears is that an imbalance of gut bacteria can be made by sitting in the incorrect position on the toilet. Plus it can cause chronic ailments.

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