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Which of the guys would you like to meet? πŸ˜

The main feature of the series “Elite” is that there are no completely positive characters – each of them did something that made viewers disappointed in them. However, some have good traits and deeds override negative ones. So we decided to make our own rating and now we will tell you which of them, in our opinion, is in the top of the best, and with whom we would definitely not want to deal in real life;)SourceWe heart it

❌ Theodore

Not a boy anymore, but definitely the worst male character on this show. Theodore Rawson is named Worst Father of the Year for using his seventeen-year-old daughter to save his drowning business, threatening her loved one, and faking another schoolboy into the accident. And no pancakes with syrup will save him.

πŸ’š Valerio

Valerio, of course, had his shoals – filming Guzman with Nadia and substituting Lou in front of his father was not his best decision – but overall, he is a good guy who just desperately lacked parental care. Unfortunately, he did not find the love he was missing quite where he needed to – in the person of his half-sister – so he again remained unhappy. But maybe working in a winery will be his step on the way to a successful future, and in five years he will be a cool PR man or a media specialist;)

❌ Malik

Malik makes the list of worst guys for two reasons – firstly, his actions as a person were super contradictory (and he broke two pairs at once), and secondly, the character itself turned out to be cardboard. The writers did not bother to write down his background and other important components and simply threw it in as an obstacle in the way of Guzman with Nadia and Omar with Ander. Well, in general, Malik did not behave in the best way – he used Nadia as a cover and had fun all this time with her brother.

πŸ’š Omar

Until the third season, Omar was an almost perfect character. Yes, he worked as a courier of prohibited substances so that he had the opportunity to escape from the family in which he was oppressed, but he himself was not proud of his “profession”, and then he did away with it altogether. His betrayal in the third season tarnished the image of a cinnamon bun, but since Ander found the strength to forgive his beloved, we will forgive too πŸ™‚

❌ Polo

Polo is one of the most complex and multifaceted characters in Elite. They wrote it perfectly so that the scriptwriters like it without looking, but still, as a person, it can hardly be called good. His toxic relationship with Carla (here, probably, both are to blame), betrayal with Christian, and, of course, the murder of Marina, after which he communicated with Guzman as if nothing had happened – all this does not do him credit.

πŸ’š Ander

With Ander, it’s pretty difficult too On his conscience, it seems, there are no bad deeds as such, and in the third season he still suffered a lot, so in general we, of course, class him as a good guy. But his eternal whining, constant β€œI don’t know what I feel” and at times absolutely indifferent attitude towards Omar is knocked out of this beautiful picture.SourceWe heart it

❌ Nano

Nano is just bad. He definitely has good features – he supported his girlfriend in a difficult situation and was going to run away with her, protected his younger brother … But his ability to get into trouble, because of which everyone else suffers later (including his girlfriend and brother), simply crosses out everything good what he does. Maybe in Morocco he will finally find his happiness and calm down.SourceWe heart it

πŸ’š Guzman

Guzman is a controversial character. At first he seems like a bad guy – self-centered, hot-tempered, always on the rampage. However, in relations with Nadia, she begins to open up from the other side – she shows herself as a real knight, helps her, even comes to apologize to her parents for what he did not do (but planned to do). It would seem that everything is super, here it is, the moral growth of the hero. But in parallel, Guzman simply behaves disgustingly with a person who sincerely loves him and, unlike Nadia, supports him in any state – yes, we are about Lou.

In general, we love Guzman very much, so, of course, we put him on the list of the best. We hope that when he grows up a little, he will drive the whole situation with Lou in his head and realize how much he was wrong.

❌ Yerai

Yerai seems to be a good guy – he helped Karla with the winery in the end, and he didn’t do anything really terrible. However, his attitude to Karla as an object immediately negates all his positive manifestations. Plus, he has the same problem as Malik – he’s just poorly written as a character, so it’s impossible to get into his story.

πŸ’š Samuel

Samuel is not an angel either – he is responsible for setting up Rebecca and cyberbullying Polo. But there are much more positive qualities and really noble deeds in him. Samuel does not hold responsibility – despite the fact that he is the youngest in the family, it is he who has to take care of his mother and older brother. He is sympathetic to all his soul mates – he accepts Marina’s news about HIV without question, steps over himself, and supports Karla when she lies in court and provides his apartment for Rebecca when she is engaged in a prohibited business. We hope that in the new season this guy will finally have at least something good (for example, Karl, who suddenly returned from abroad;).

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