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We replenish the autumn watch list 🎬


A remake of the popular Turkish TV series “What is Fatmagul’s fault”, where Alvaro Rico will play, probably familiar to you as Polo from “Elite”. The plot of the series is quite dramatic – it tells the story of several young guys who raped a girl named Alba. Elena Rivera will play her role, and Alvaro will play Jacob, one of the criminals.

Photo # 2 - We look forward to: 8 new Spanish TV series, which will be released this season

Las Cumbres

You may have watched Black Lagoon, a tense Spanish detective story set in a boarding school (in Russia they made an adaptation of it, and it was called Closed School). So, the Spaniards also decided to make a remake ten years later and wrote a new story about teenagers who go to boarding school and conduct their own investigations. Here, by the way, will play Mina El Hammani – Nadia from “Elite”.

Photo # 3 - We look forward to: 8 new Spanish TV series that will be released this season


For lovers of detective stories, the series “Paradise” has arrived. The action takes place in a small coastal town in 1992. It will definitely be interesting to see what kind of vibe was in Spain in the 90s! The plot is as follows: three fifteen-year-old girls disappear from the disco, and the police have long gone down the wrong path in the investigation because they have no leads. Then their younger brothers start looking for the girls, and in the process of searching, they realize that the kidnappers have nothing to do with the real world … Definitely intriguing, we hope the final product will be cool!

Photo # 4 - Looking forward to: 8 new Spanish TV series that will be released this season


Another series that will center on a group of teenagers. It seems that we are waiting for something similar to “Elite” because the creators promise to raise issues related to modern education, sex education for adolescents, drug addiction, and many, many others. Judging by the description, this series will be more dramatic and darker, so better get ready for the glass.

Photo # 5 - Looking forward to: 8 new Spanish TV series that will be released this season

Tell me who i am

A screen adaptation of the novel of the same name by Julia Navarro about a
journalist who receives an offer to investigate the story of her great-grandmother – she once fled Spain, leaving her husband and son shortly before the start of the Civil War. To save her great-grandmother from oblivion, she must restore the entire history from the very beginning. It should turn out to be an exciting historical drama 🙂

Photo # 6 - Looking forward to: 8 new Spanish TV series that will be released this season

Someone must die

A three-part thriller starring Esther Exposito (Karla from Elite) and Alejandro Spitzer (Dario from Dark Desire). The series takes place in Spain in the middle of the 20th century. The plot is as follows: parents ask their son to return to his homeland from Mexico in order to introduce him to the bride, who had previously been selected for him. The son returns, but not alone – with him comes a certain Lazaro, a ballet dancer. This generates a lot of rumors in the town, and the family will have to deal with all the problems that have piled on them.

Photo # 7 - Looking forward to: 8 new Spanish TV series to be released this season


Tricksters are the story of teenagers Mickey, Guada, Yerai, Lucas, and Samuel, who escape from a mental hospital and try to find their place in the world. They will surely face difficult times, but they treat everything with humor, so we are waiting for the Spanish tragicomedy and, we hope, it will turn out to be cool.

Photo # 8 - We look forward to: 8 new Spanish TV series that will be released this season


A historical drama about the Castilian military and political leader Side Campeador, one of the most famous heroes of Spanish tradition. He will be played by Jaime Lorente, probably familiar to you as Nano from “Elite” or Denver from “Paper House”. It will be very interesting to see such a radical transformation of the actor 🙂

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