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Catch a guide to student life.

While you are in school, student life seems a little ideal and … not what it really is 🙂 If you have just started studying at a university, it will be useful for you to learn about the 7 most common mistakes of freshmen.

Error: enroll in all student circles in a row

And how do you think it is possible to have time to attend the rowing, archery, science fiction, Harry Potter, pole, and even wine and cheese communities every week? Prioritize! Otherwise, you will go crazy.

Photo # 1 - Be Careful: 7 Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

Mistake: Thinking Students Are Party Time

Yes, of course, there will be parties. And they will devote, and all sorts of internal parties. But at the same time, you do not need to go into a fun life with a gap, otherwise, there can be huge problems in the session in the form of retakes and triplets. Learn to keep all spheres in balance 🙂

Mistake: trying to befriend everyone at once

Who on the first day brought with him a box of grandmother’s cookies and bought all his classmates a chocolate bar? That’s right, a newly minted student who too wants to please everyone. Believe me, this is useless, all the same, everyone will be divided into companies and couples, and everyone will not like you at once. Save your energy, take a closer look at people first, determine, and with whom do you want to be friends?

Photo # 2 - Be Careful: 7 Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

Mistake: become a headman, enter the student council, enroll in the main activists

Do you think that the best option is to immediately get out in the headman and all active groups? Believe me, on the third day you will go crazy because being a headman is a lot of work. This is all paperwork, control of all lists, running after each classmate (“hand over the certificate urgently !!!”), holding the keys to the office … Do you need it?

Mistake: Skipping too many pairs

Of course, every student skips lectures. But you always need to know which couples can be walked without the ensuing consequences, and which cannot. Advice: even if you do not appear in all lecture pairs, then, since you have come, sit on the first rows so that the teacher will remember you as a diligent student 🙂

Photo # 3 - Be Careful: 7 Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

Mistake: recording lectures on a dictaphone or taking hundreds of photos of other people’s notes

Are you too lazy to record a lecture, and you just decided to record it on a dictaphone? Forget it: you will not have any motivation to turn on the teacher’s one and a half-hour broadcast at home and re-listen. Better try to briefly throw the lecture on … the lecture itself 🙂

Mistake: being more than 5 minutes late for lectures or seminars

Many freshmen see nothing wrong with being 15 or 20 minutes late. Some even get the nerve and walk in the middle of the pair! Believe me, most teachers treat this with irritation, even if they show it outwardly. Moreover, some have a good visual memory, which means that you can be remembered in a bad way. Do you need it? Since I’m late, you better not come at all.

This is how they dispelled several myths and misconceptions 🙂 By the way, cool advice: before each semester, ask senior students “characteristics” of teachers. Write down the list of teachers in a separate notebook, and next to them write the comments of the senior students: who can be skipped, who cannot. Who needs to write notes, and who can not even start a notebook. It will be very useful for you 🙂

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