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The film has already been released, and now we will tell you without spoilers why it is worth watching 🍿

The second part “After” turned out to be rather controversial. During the viewing, we had many questions – from the logical “how can you publish and turn a book into a bestseller in a week?” to the more complex ones related to the relationship between Tessa and Hardin. However, there were also pluses in the film, and we decided to focus on them. So now we will explain how the sequel “After” wins.

1. Support for fanfiction writers

We love fanfiction and sincerely believe that there are lots of fantastic functions in the fanfiction world that are worthy of publication and subsequent adaptation. And the publication After, as you probably know, was originally a Harry Styles fanfiction. And when authors working within this genre of modern literature achieve such success, I wish to endlessly encourage them so that youthful fanfiction writers aren’t bashful in their hobbies, continue to make and, perhaps, one day, too, will end up famous writers.

  • By the way, we recently had a chance to talk with Anna Todd, and she said that she is still faithful to this genre and is going to continue writing fanfiction 🙂

2. Dylan Sprouse as Trevor

What’s great about the next part is the casting choices. For the role of this smart and sarcastic Trevor, Dylan Sprouse was simply perfect. They had excellent dynamics with Tessa, it’s a pity there weren’t many scenes together. I wanted a little more actual play and activity with Trevor. But, in any case, watching Dylan’s reincarnation is very interesting.

We hope he will gradually return to the big movie. Or maybe he will follow his brother’s example and discover the world of serials.

3. Duet of Candice King and Charlie Weber

“The Vampire Diaries” plus “How to Avoid Punishment for Murder” – how do you like this crossover? Candice King, you probably know as Caroline from DV, and Charlie Weber – handsome Frank from KINZU – played a couple in the new part of After. Charlie got the role of the harsh but surprisingly kind owner of the publishing house Christian Wayne, and Candice played his assistant and part-time lover, Kimberly.

They also have adorable baby Smith in their family, so if you love watching happy families and you like it when the fluff goes off scale, then you will definitely check out this storyline.

4. Lots of romance

There was not much drama, but in terms of romance, it turned out to be a real expanse for fans of Tessa and Hardin. Despite the fact that they did not seem to be together, they acted like a real couple, and they had a lot of interaction. From quirky dates to hot scenes in the most unlikely locations, Hessa’s fans are sure to be thrilled.

  • The chemistry between Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin (Hardin) and Josephine Langford (Tessa) is really cool, so watching them on screen is doubly enjoyable.

5. Meet Hardin’s mom

As we noted above, the new actors in the sequel are on fire. Louise Lombard, who played Hardin’s mother, Trish, also fits perfectly into the story. Anna Todd, by the way, admitted that she sees only Louise in the role of Trish, so the stars have formed. The scenes with Hardin’s mother and Tina turned out to be very warm and family-like.

So, again, fans of family comedy and feel good stories should love it.

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