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Keep out of the reach of children.

With nostalgia, I recall books about “Dunno”, “Three from Prostokvashino” and “Pippi Long Stocking”. These stories and characters taught me and my peers about courage, ingenuity, and friendship. And looking at modern children’s books, one involuntarily thinks: what did the author want to say?

Many writers want to be original and create something unique. But sometimes they get too carried away and give out something really strange. At the very least, children do not understand the idea of ​​the book, and for adults, it seems strange. In this collection, I have collected for you ten children’s books that seemed to be the strangest. See for yourself.

Photo # 1 - 10 strange children's books that even adults are afraid to read

Poop adventure

Yes, it didn’t seem to you. The main character of this book is a turd. The book explores her origins, as well as how she finds her home and her reassignment, overcoming many obstacles.

Controversies flare up around the book every now and then: some find in it an interesting subtext and serious morality, while others do not see any meaning. How the author got the idea to create such great work is anyone’s guess.

Red hand, black sheet and green fingers

The famous writer Eduard Uspensky has collected all the strangest and creepiest children’s horror stories and put them in one book. The main characters are incomprehensible phenomena like Green Fingers, Women with a Red Face, Tram-hearse, and others. They commit one crime after another, attacking children in children’s camps. The story was written to amuse children, but the events described frighten even adults.

How the king left for girls

The hit parade of strange names continues an equally strange story. This book tells about a king who wanted to take a very beautiful bow from a little girl. To do this, he forced all his guards and servants to persuade the girl to give him up. The ending of the fairy tale literally amazes – having got the bow, the tsar buys a dress for himself and “leaves the tsars for good girls.” Apparently, the topic of transgender people and tolerance is of particular interest to the author.

Photo # 2 - 10 strange children's books that even adults are afraid to read

I didn’t do my homework because …

Didn’t do your homework – it doesn’t matter! In the format of funny illustrations, the author of the book gives many recommendations on how to justify yourself in front of the teacher. But it seems that this is not the best solution to the problem. In the end, the truth always becomes clear. Isn’t it better to teach your child not to lie from an early age?

In addition, not everyone appreciated the author’s creativity. Among the reasons for the lack of homework, you can find completely strange – the transformation of a brother into a werewolf or a cat’s funeral. Something tells me that such reasons are unlikely to arouse the teacher’s sympathy.

All the boys are fools, and the girls are smart

At first glance, this book resembles a children’s song “What are our boys made of …”. Only, in reality, it turns out to be not so harmless. The book tells about what the boys are doing in the factory of fools and they are completely useless. It is unlikely that this book will be able to teach children something other than hatred, and in the future girls may have serious problems in relationships. In general, even if the title sounds ridiculous, it is better not to give this book to children.

Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus

The book, which, despite its oddity, has become very popular not only in our country but throughout the world. American artist, Willems Moe, has published a series of books about the Dove. In this part, he wants to sit behind the wheel of the bus. Half a book, the dove begs the reader to let him drive the bus, giving completely different arguments, then it beats in hysterics.

The book is intended for young children. In the process of reading, the child must explain to the pigeon why he cannot steer the bus. The author’s idea is quite clear – to teach a child to reasonably express his opinion. But for many, the embodiment of this idea seems very strange … Read the fragment with the hysteria of a pigeon, and you will understand everything.

Photo # 3 - 10 strange children's books that even adults are afraid to read


A book with children’s poetry talks about the beneficial properties of cannabis. This compilation was released almost 100 years ago, can you imagine? For modern readers, this book will seem more than strange, but at the beginning of the 20th century, hemp was one of the most important plants: ropes were woven from it, and fabrics were made from it. Nevertheless, in our time it evokes completely different associations.

My cat’s personal life

A series of books by Frenchman Gilles Bachelet quickly won the hearts of readers around the world. The strangeness of this book lies in the fact that the author accompanies his stories about the cat with images … of an elephant. The artist presents the elephant in recognizable feline poses and situations, which cannot but cause laughter and surprise.

By the way, it also happens that just because of the strange name we miss a good book. Perhaps authors deliberately come up with striking headlines to attract the reader, but very often these backfires. Here, seeing an elephant in feline poses, I would like to clarify whether everything is in order with the author’s head.

Photo # 4 - 10 strange children's books that even adults are afraid to read

Fairy named Dura

The book tells about the girl Polina, who with a sinking heart and great interest learns the world around her. Each story plunges into childhood, and beautiful illustrations only enhance the feeling of nostalgia. As a result, despite its not very nice title, the book is a collection of very warm and kind stories. So only the name is outrageous. All Polina can safely read – there is nothing offensive there.

Where is the rooster horse galloping?

Such a strange name bears a fantastic story about the girl Dasha. She wants to become a famous writer and is constantly generating plots for her future works. In the book you can find characters for every taste and color – there are vampires, ancient spirits, and even folklore characters of the Komi peoples. I’m sure a rooster horse is jumping out there somewhere;)

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