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The adaptation film is out today, but for now, we will tell you about the coolest cartoon details that you could have missed ❤️

1. The cartoon is based on a poem

The Chinese poem “Song of Mulan” appeared in the 6th century, and the plot there was about the same – a young girl went to war instead of her father, despite the fact that only men were accepted into the army. Mulan (yes, with a soft sign at the end) has been a heroine of Chinese folklore for centuries, although the Disney cartoon has obviously added a lot of artistic detail of its own.

The film adaptation promises to be more legendary than animated. Let’s see what happens!

2. Mulan’s armor is different from the rest

As the main character, Mulan had to be noticeably different from the other characters. She is the only female warrior in the army, so obviously there will be some differences between her and her brothers in the sword.

To demonstrate this not only in actions, but also in external aspects, the animators modified Mulan’s armor. Her bib is much taller than that of her comrades, and this makes a noticeable difference in the shape of her outfit.

3. The cartoon has an allusion to “American Gothic”

American Gothic, a painting by Grant Wood, is considered one of the most recognizable images in 20th century American art. The painting depicts an elderly man and woman, standing with a pitchfork and looking very unhappy.

In the scene with the ancestors, one elderly couple is very similar to the heroes of the picture. This is hardly a hint at the intersection of the themes of the cartoon and the work of Grant Wood – rather, just a reference to popular culture.

Photo # 1 - 10 interesting details about the cartoon "Mulan", which you probably did not know

4. And there are also Mickey Mouse hidden away

As in any other Disney cartoon, Mickey Mouse comes across in Mulan, and only the most attentive viewers will notice them, because they are very well hidden. This is such a small quest for loyal Disney fans 🙂

The two most obvious Mickey is on the horse that Mulan and the captain are riding, and the other, more hidden, is on the boxes at the beginning of the film. There, the whimsical patterns actually form Mickey’s upside-down heads.

5. Mulan has no nails!

We don’t know if you paid attention to this, but neither Mulan nor her family has nails. So the animators decided when they created her image from scratch. But here’s a fun fact for you: her ancestors, whom we meet in the vision scene, have nails. A logical question arises: at what point did they stop appearing in their family?

6. Magnolia was not chosen by chance

Magnolia is a beautiful pink flower that appears throughout the cartoon. Mulan wears it in her hair, and magnolias bloom in the garden where her father loves to relax. And the creators specifically focus on this particular flower!

Because the name Mulan means magnolia. Here are such a funny and cute parallel.

7. Mulan is not a princess

Despite being on the same list as other Disney princesses, Mulan is technically not a princess. She was not born into the royal family, and she also does not marry a prince.

Yes, the emperor calls her “princess”, but this is just part of the ceremony. Of course, Mulan deserves this title like no other, so we hope this fact hasn’t turned your world upside down 🙂

8. There was a cameo from the directors in the cartoon

Directors love to appear in their own films in some small episodes, but if you are directing an animated film, then the cameo will be more difficult.

True, the creators were lucky here, and they were able to add themselves to the cartoon – you can notice them closer to the finale, these are the very young people who worked with the fireworks.

9. And credits in reflection

Reflection is the leading song in the cartoon. It was performed by Christina Aguilera, and, by the way, she will also sound in the film adaptation. But with this track in the cartoon, there is another funny story.

In the scene where Mulan looks in the mirror covered with Chinese characters, the audience is unlikely to bother with the meaning of the inscriptions, because this is such an emotional and touching moment. It turns out that these inscriptions are part of the credits, that is, the names of some of the people who participated in the production of the cartoon.

10. Mulan Quan

Another interesting detail is hidden in the scene where Mulan’s father prepares to go into battle. Of course, later he cannot do this, and instead of him his daughter goes to the army, but nevertheless the creators throw in another Easter egg there.

The fighting style her father uses in this scene is known as Mulan Quan. Yes, yes, this is an ancient style that is named after one of the most powerful female warriors :)SourceWe heart it

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