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Don’t miss the continuation of your favorite show!

The pandemic has disrupted the plans of many people. She even influenced the series that saved us in the days we spent at home. Because of this, some shows were postponed for a year or two, while others were canceled altogether. But many studios managed to shoot projects in advance or are working on them right now so as not to postpone the premiere. If you’re worried about not seeing the new season of your favorite TV show this year, check out our list. In it, you will definitely find what to see in the fall.


  • Status: second season

Premiere Date: September 4th 

The second season will continue the unusual superhero story. In the world of “Boys”, people with superpowers did not hide their identities but turned into real celebrities. They work for a large corporation and are not distinguished in everyday life. To put them in place took a detachment of “Boys”, the head of which hates superheroes. The first three episodes of the new season are already available online.


  • Status: season four

Premiere Date: September 27 

Each season of the anthology series features creepy crime stories. how reports publication Deadline, in the fourth season viewers, will see the confrontation between the two gangs that unfolded in the 50s in Missouri. The head of one of them was played by comedian Chris Rock. The series is famous for scenes of violence, which with such a plot will surely grow even more. There will be two episodes on the day of the premiere, so stock up on popcorn.


  • Status: continuation of the fifteenth season

Premiere Date: October 8 

This year, fans will have to say goodbye to the series that many of them grew up on. Due to the pandemic, the shooting of the final episodes was postponed and resumed only in August. But goodbye is inevitable. “Supernatural” returns on October 8th. 

“Ghosts of Bly Manor”

  • Status: second season

Premiere Date: October 9 

Don’t be surprised that the name of this series is unfamiliar to you. The first season was called Haunting of the Hill House and was an adaptation of the novel of the same name. In the second season, another well-known work was filmed: “The Turn of the Screw”. In it, a young governess begins to take care of orphans – brother and sister. She soon learns that the children are being haunted by vengeful ghosts and tries to fight them back. The series will air on Netflix, which means all episodes will be available on the day of the premiere.

“Fear the Walking Dead”

  • Status: Season Six

Premiere Date: October 11 

The Walking Dead spin-off, which shows the fate of other groups of people trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse, became independent from the main series and gathered its army of fans. Season 5 ended with a cliffhanger, so you probably can’t wait to see the sequel. And if you are not familiar with the series, then you still have time to watch the first five seasons. Moreover, the topic of the apocalypse this year interested people more than ever.

Star Trek: Discovery

  • Status: Season Three

Premiere Date: October 15 

You can get away from earthly problems and go to space and to other planets with the heroes of this series. The seasons are short but very intense. If you like the Star Trek trilogy with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, then be sure to watch the series.


  • Status: second season

We continue the theme of the legendary space fiction. Last fall, the silent bounty hunter and baby Yoda won our hearts. In the second season, even more adventures and cute moments await them. Throughout the year, there were various rumors about the sequel, with sources reporting that we would see several familiar faces from the Star Wars films and cartoons. You will soon find out which theories turn out to be true.

“This is us”

  • Status: fifth season

Premiere Date: November 10 

One of the most popular drama series in recent years. In November, you will see the continuation of the Pearson family story. At the end of last season, the mother of the family found out about her illness and, albeit not immediately, decided to fight it. And in the lives of all her children, there have been major changes. Season 5 brings new and unexpected plot twists. One thing is certain: stock up on handkerchiefs in advance. You will have to cry a lot.


  • Status: season four

Premiere Date: November 15 

Recently, the creators have distracted viewers’ attention with the news of changes in the cast of the fifth season of “Crown”, although the fourth has not yet been released. But you will also see new faces in him. For example, Margaret Thatcher performed by the beautiful Gillian Anderson. Ready to take a look at the relationship between the Queen and the Iron Lady?

“Dark beginnings”

  • Status: second season

Premiere: Autumn 

The new season will be the adaptation of the second book of the trilogy of the same name. In the first season, you could see a parallel universe in which the souls of people exist in the form of animal-daemons. In the sequel, the main character Lyra and other characters will begin to travel to even more amazing worlds inhabited by unusual creatures. Not all of them are friendly. And we must not forget about Lear’s old enemies, too. 

Autumn for TV series lovers will be eventful. There is still plenty of time before most of the show’s premiere, so you can watch the previous seasons.

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